Tecumseh Couple create revolutionary product for Drummers

Tim and C.J. Scott are predicting a great impact can be made by something most people may never notice.

Polecat Percussion System

My concept is to take this and change the set up of a drum kit," said Scott about his PoleCat Percussion System, an alternative to the traditional tri-pod base percussion stand. The set up hasn't changed since the 1920s. For drummers to set up a kit (our) way, it simplifies the look and reduces clutter on stage." - Tim Scott

This drummer and vocalist from Tecumseh, Ontario know that setting up and tearing down a drum kit pose challenges of practicality, convenience and timing for bands everywhere. In response they have created a new base for a percussion stand that gives drummers coveted space on stage and cuts down on assembly time.

The development of the PoleCat has been a partnership. Scott said all drummers find setting up a drum kit with the traditional tri-pod base tedious and time consuming. He moved beyond just thinking about the problem in 1995 after noticing the construction of a handrail of a ladder at a local swimming pool. He made a prototype with the help of friends and tweaked the idea on and off for years. The couple met when Scott filled in for the drummer in a local Top 40 band in 1998. C.J. was the singer. Known by friends as a positive personality and "ideas person" she reached out to a former colleague with experience in patents in 2003 and suggested the idea to her husband.

With each having over 30 years experience in the music industry, Tim and C.J. Scott are confident that they have created a product that will solve an age-old problem experienced by drummers everywhere around the world. The couple's goal is to have it available for retail in 2011.