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John Favicchia

Professional Drummer, Clinician, Author

One of today's top players, New York-based John Favicchia has performed and/or recorded with such greats as Steve Khan, Eddie Money, Tony Levin, Chieli Minucci, Charlie Daniels, Lonnie Plaxico, Robbers, John Benitez, Gary US Bonds, Harvie S, Larry Coryell, Dean Brown, Rachel Z, Joe Butler-Love And Spoonful, The Tokens, Felix Cavaliere, Kerry Kearney, Chris Geith, Laco Deczi, Long Island Music Hall Of Fame Band, Mike Pope, Steve Adelson and Bob Malach just to name a few.


Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Karl Sloman

Drummer, Clinician, Published Author

Karl Sloman is based in the London, Ontario, Canada. In 1972 training began in piano and then later in 1977 he began playing snare drum for the Strathroy Drum and Pipe band and began studying tuba and guitar. By 1981 Karl had become the lead tuba player for the award winning Symphonic Band and Senior Orchestra at Saunders Secondary School.


Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer


Roch Voisine

"For the first time in my professional career, my gear doesn't move around when I'm playing! Also, setup time is much shorter now. Tim and CJ are some of the nicest and most professional people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Every drummer out there should give the PoleCat system a shot!".

Shawn has shared the stage with several other artists such as Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Jason Lang, Renée Martel and Wilfred Le Bouthillier . He has played drums and other instruments on several artists' albums, and has engineered, mixed and/or produced albums for Tricia Foster, Serge Monette, Anique Granger, Jean-Guy "Chuck" Labelle, Robert Paquette and Antoine Tremblay-Beaulieu.

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer


Beyond the Sun

"I am really excited to endorse this product and I am honored to work with everyone at PoleCat Percussion. With the PoleCat drum system my stands were rock steady as the drums were rolled on stage during the show."".

Marcel studied at Berklee College of Music where he became involved in and studied Commercial Jingle writing. He began working with the television station WJAR TV 10 in Providence Rhode Island, writing jingle and news intros, and recording commercial spots. This led him down the road to recording drums and percussion for others, including touring and playing drums in the Broadway shows, Ain't Misbehavin, Guys and Dolls, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, ElJohn a Tribute to Elvis, and The Journey of E. In the early 80s he started recording and performing with CBS recording artist, Richard Williams and MCA recording artist Tony Chance. Working with Eddie Fisher, the Ink Spots, The Platters and playing shows, night clubs, concert halls and going on the road touring with many touring acts and shows. Marcel landed in Nashville, Tennessee where he continued recording jingles, Radio and TV commercials sound tracks and production music used in documentaries and corporate presentations and started to work with SONY Tree Productions where he started recording for Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville, working on projects that included Brooks & Dunn, Lee Ann Womack and Blake Shelton and many others.

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Jamie Oliver

UK Subs

"Brilliant mate….I'm amazed at the ease of the way it sets up."

The UK Subs are one of the few bands that have the respect of EVERYONE on the punk scene. Formed in 1976, ever-present in the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper. Now venerated as the godfather of UK punk, Harper emerged from Britain's R&B scene. They continue to thrive, with 2010 marking the fifth decade in which the band had continually graced the scene. 2013 saw the release of their critically acclaimed 'XXIV' double album and they are widely recognized as one of the most consistent and visibly successful punk bands ever - maintaining and pioneering the true spirit of punk rock. With a powerful line up in place since 2005 (Jet – guitar / Alvin Gibbs - bass / Jamie Oliver – drums), the UK Subs continue to entertain and enthuse.

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Walter Baldwin


"I love the look and the concept. What a great product!"

Founding member and drummer of 1916, Walter Baldwin has been playing drums since he was 5 years old. When he was 6 he watched Keith Moon of The Who and decided it was a good idea to kick in his bass drum. His always supportive Mother Nancy disagreed. It wasn't until he was in Jr. High that he had a band teacher that inspired him to become more serious about mastering the art of drumming. His love for drumming has led him into musical pursuits of all kinds, including Ska, Metal, Alternative, Glam Rock, Goth, Christian and Celtic Rock. He has never limited himself to one particular style of music because it's not just about the music but about the passion that stirs inside you because of the music you are playing or listening to.

Local Drummers using DIY Platform

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer


Ashes of Soma

"I love the symmetrical look of my kit and how much space I have on stage. I'm taking up less of the stage, but I have more room for myself. I love it!"

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Mark B.

Windsor, ON

"I just love the new look of my drum kit. The set up and space is awesome! It's as easy as 1-2-3. I highly recommend this product for any beginner or professional. "

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Greg R.

Merlin, ON

"The modules work great. Set-up was so easy. The space I saved is incredible! Everything stays in place and it's the exact same set-up every time. Thanks a lot."

Drum Hardware, Drum Stands, Drummer

Dave T.

Michigan, USA

"I'm loving the system and have been having fun customizing it to fit my needs. I've been telling everyone about it."

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