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Karl Sloman

Drummer, Clinician, Published Author

Karl Sloman is based in the London, Ontario, Canada. In 1972 training began in piano and then later in 1977 he began playing snare drum for the Strathroy Drum and Pipe band and began studying tuba and guitar. By 1981 Karl had become the lead tuba player for the award winning Symphonic Band and Senior Orchestra at Saunders Secondary School.

In 2003, Karl started The Wizdom Progressive Music Academy in London where he taught all the instruments on the roster. It was at this point that Karl met his greatest mentor "the global ambassador of drumming" none other than Dom Famularo. Dom introduced Karl to the who's who in the drumming industry including gentlemen like Vic Firth, who would become Karl's first endorser.

In 2005, Karl started the Adaptive Music Program for the Thames Valley Children's Centre in London. The program was the first of its kind, introducing disabled students to a level of music that had not been done before. This program was responsible for the formation of Trainwreck a critically acclaimed band made up of both disabled and able bodied musicians performing rock music from popular bands of the time. During that year Karl also formed the band Falling Into Infinity a Rush/Dream Theater cover band.

In 2010, Hudson Music the largest producer of quality drum videos in the music industry highlighted Karl in a series of articles.

In 2013 Karl joined the band Opus Rex who he is presently working with. Karl is also involved as a drummer with Bipolar Feedback (bar band), Trainwreck a band made up of disabled students and The Plumbing Factory, a brass band in which Karl plays Tuba.

Karl has had the privilege to have tutored a number of great and accomplished drummers, such as Alfie Vinneau – Orchidectomy, Darryl Stephens – Thine Eyes Bleed, Nick Ireland – Battlesoul, Justin Wiley (University of Western Ontario music graduate), Trevor Marchewka (Accepted to Berklee under scholarship) and Tyse Burrows (keyboardist for Autocratic Oath and drummer attending University of Western Ontario).

Although Karl's band experience has him performing almost every style of music from big band to heavy metal to country, his first love is metal, in particular progressive metal. His drum influences include: Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemann, Johnny Rabb, Gregg Bissonette, Benny Greb and many others.

Alfred Music Publishing, the world's largest educational music publisher, published Karl's book "The Coordination Code" in 2012. The book takes a unique approach to coordination studies on the drum set and claims using the techniques outlined in the book Karl can teach any musician to play any drum pattern within 2 hours.

In October 2013, Karl was featured in Walk the Walk episode one, a documentary that highlights local heroes of given communities and the effect they have on those communities. Karl was singled out due to his work with the disabled, more specifically people with Cerebral Palsy.

Karl is endorses and is endorsed by Tama Drums, Dream Cymbals, Polecat Percussion, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Evans Drumheads and Pintech Electronics.


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